Susan Sullivan-Bolyai


For decades, Dr. Susan Sullivan-Bolyai has worked clinically as a CNS with children who have special health care needs and their families on day-to-day management and continuity of care (masters/CNS from Emory University). Since 1995, she has focused her research on preparation, education and support for families to help manage childrens’ care in the home and community settings. She received her DNSc and completed a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship (with Dr. Margaret Grey) at Yale University School of Nursing.

Her main areas of expertise are family-focused interventions that address parent and child social support and education for Type 1 Diabetes day-to-day management, including the innovation of using a child-size human patient simulator for parent and child education. She also uses qualitative description to inform her interventions. She was a faculty member for 11 years at UMW; followed by 2 years as Director of PhD Program at NYU Meyers CN; Dr. Sulivan-Bolyai returned to UMMS as the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation working with nursing PhD students towards improving the day-to-day management of families with children diagnosed with T1D, other chronic conditions.